Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall Calendar

4th 7:30-9pm Wyld Life leaders interest meeting at Carback’s
7th 5-7pm Wyld life leaders meeting 7-8:30pm X-Factor
12th 7-9pm Wyld Life
14th 7- 9pm F.I.S.H. at the Hancock's
21st 5-7pm Volunteer Leaders meeting 7-8:30 pm X-Factor
27th 10am -2pm Benefit Car Wash (Families welcome)

5th 5-7pm Wyld life leaders meeting 7-8:30pm X-Factor
10th 7-9pm Wyld Life
12th 7-9pm F.I.S.H.
19th 5-7pm Volunteer Leaders meeting 7-8:30pm X-Factor
25th 8am-2pm Work Day at the Church (Families welcome)
31st 6-10pm Fall Festival

2nd 5-7pm Wyld life leaders meeting 7pm X-Factor
14th 7-9pm Wyld Life
16th 7-9pm F.I.S.H.
21st-23rd Presbytery-wide High school Retreat
30th 5-7pm Volunteer Leaders meeting 7pm X-Factor

7th 5pm Wyld life leaders meeting 7pm X-Factor Christmas Party
12th 7-9pm Wyld Life
14th 6pm Christmas Pageant
21st 7-9pm Christmas Caroling (Families welcome)
29-30th 7pm-11am Guys/ Girls sleepovers

Thursday, August 14, 2008


First Annual Liberty Art Show

Theme: Liberty (the church or the idea)
What do you think of when you hear the word liberty? What does liberty look like? What expresses our liberty in Christ? What expresses our liberty in America? What inspires you to think about liberty? What’s meaningful to you about Liberty church?

Medium: Digital Photograph
High resolution digital photographs, modification is allowed, color, black and white, sepia are all acceptable. If you don’t have a digital copy of your photograph please scan it or bring it in to the church to be scanned. Digital copies will be distributed and printed.

Purpose: Enjoyment of God’s gifts
We want to allow artists to use their God given gifts to inspire and encourage others. We need our imagination stretched in order to better understand truth. Finalists’ photos may be posted online to our church website and/ or framed and hung in the block building.

Entry: Email photos to by 12 noon 8.29.08
You may enter up to five digital photographs. You may enter art that has been included in other art shows or competitions. Please include your name, age, phone and address. All entered art will be shown on Labor Day and may be used by Liberty Church PCA.

Judging: A panel will pick finalists, finalists will be voted on at the Labor Day picnic.
Gift card prizes (50, 25, 10) will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners. Only one vote per person, voting will occur from 2:30-6pm 09.01.08. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded shortly after voting is closed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Parents meeting

Hey we're trying to do youth ministry in a family friendly way. That's why we have quarterly parents' meetings. We'll be meeting at 9:30 am in the block building. We will be looking ahead at what the upcoming year holds for us and taking a critical look back at what's happened this year. Please come and hear what's going on with the youth ministry and voice prayer requests for your youth.

also coming up... six flags trip on saturday, see post below. Families welcome!
boys sleepover 20th-21st see post below.
end of summer pool party at the weitzel's on the 23rd from 1-4
x-factor on the 31st: bring your digital camera