Saturday, March 27, 2010

F.I.S.H. Did Jesus really die? Did he really rise?

7-9pm Sunday night, March 28th

We'll be discussing theories about whether Jesus really died on the cross or whether he just swooned. We'll be discussing the evidence for his resurrection as well. Bring a friend.

High school students only.

Also at 6pm the Chattanooga mission team will be meeting at Nick's to begin work on support letters. Please bring your address lists.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

X-Factor: N1NJ4

We'll be playing a vicious new game called Ninja: easy to learn, difficult to master. It's a safe and fun game WHERE YOU GET TO HIT PEOPLE! And try out your best ninj-isms like: "I'm so ninja you don't even know I'm ninja." "Don't make me go all ninja on you." "Who ninjed my ipod?" and "Careful, you are within roundhouse range." and of course the ubiquitous "Hi Yah!"

We'll also be talking about what it is to be human. One of the most important questions we can ask and answer is "Who am I?" So, if you're a 6th-12th grader, come to X-Factor 7-8:30pm this Sunday, March 21st at the block house. Bring a snack, bring a friend, and bring your ninja skills.

Oh and if you are a wyld life leader, we'll be meeting at the Carback's at 4pm for wyld life leadership. Please bring your bible and a dessert to share.