Tuesday, July 28, 2009

X-Factor: Sardines

Come hang out with us. We're taking a look at world religions this summer and this week we're talking about Catholicism.

Afterwards, we'll play foosball, ping-pong, n64, wii, basketball, oh yeah and Sardines. In sardines, one person hides and then everyone else tries to find him. When you find him, you hide with him. Until there's a bunch of you packed in like sardines in one hiding spot.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

no small groups the week of VBS

Because we've had so much going on with VBS, Ceilidh Meadows Service Project, and more we're going to cancel small groups this week. Please continue to work on verse memorization. In fact, this week would be a good week for families to talk about the memory verse on Thursday night together.

We are still having X-Factor on Sunday night and we'll be talking about secular humanism. You won't want to miss this one because this world religion is the one that surrounds you in post-christian America.

Lord willing, we'll also be showing a slide show of the service project. As always it's 7-9pm on Sunday night at the block house.