Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We were meant to live for so much more


This past week we hung out at the block house, talked about how we’re made for glory, and shared prayer requests regarding what God was doing in our lives and in our midst. We watched the video “We were meant to live” by the band Switchfoot. The lyrics, heard on many non-Christian radio stations, say “We were meant to live for so much more. Have we lost ourselves? And everything inside screams for second life.” The video shows the musicians playing their instruments and cutting a hole in the walls that separate them from each other. As they cut through the walls a bright light shines in from the background. The video seems to be saying that we are made for more than just the grubbiness we may see around us. The truth is we were made for glory. We were made for a relationship with a holy God. We also took a look at Exodus 5 where Moses was trying to convince the Israelites that they were meant to live for so much more than their Egyptian enslavement. Sometimes it’s hard to see that we were made for worship of a holy God when our situations press in on us so oppressively. The reality is we were meant for so much more. We were meant to live for God, to worship God with our whole life. So we took a moment to see that God was doing “so much more” in our lives than we can see with the naked eye. We shared what God was doing in the lives of those around us and prayed for those works that God was doing.

A link to the video we watched