Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring and Summer Calendar

19th: Communicant’s class begins
19th: 4:30pm Servant Leadership
19th: 7-8:30pm X-Factor: Handball
26th: 4:30 Wyld Life Leadership
26th: 7-9pm F.I.S.H. at Blackburn’s

1st: 7pm 30hr Famine Break-fast sleepover
2nd: 8-11:30am Airsoft Battle
8th: 7-9pm Wyld Life
10th: Mother’s Day
10-17th: Nick on Vacation
17th: 7-8:30 X-Factor
21st: 8pm Youth Advisory Meeting
22-23rd: Susquehanna Family Camping
23rd: Baltimore Rescue Mission 9-2pm
24th: 9:30-10:30am Parent’s Meeting
in Fellowship Hall
24th: 12:30-2pm Baccalaureate in
fellowship hall then New Sanctuary
31st: 7-9pm F.I.S.H. at the Cote’s

7th: 7-9pm X-Factor
13th: 12:30-6pm Adventure Park USA $27
15th-20th: Nick at General Assembly
21st: 7-9pm X-Factor
28th: 6-9pm Pool Party at Donnelly’s

5th: 7-9pm X-Factor
13th-17th: VBS and Service Project
19th: 7-9pm X-Factor
26th: 6-9pm Pool Party at Vance’s

2nd: 7-9pm X-Factor
7th-11th: Wyld Life Camp Rockbridge
16th: 7-9pm X-Factor
22nd: 7am-8pm Beach Trip
30th: 6-9pm Pool Party at Frampton’s

Keep an eye out for summer small group information.