Thursday, August 6, 2009

Daniel Coulbourne and Greg Walker concert

8/8 at 8p.m. at the blockhouse.

Daniel and Greg have been collaborating their unique, god-inspired, indie, musique couture. It will be a sensory experience not to be missed. See for more information on the inspiration of this musical collaboration.

Greg Walker was a fellow follower of Christ, English major, music aficionado, and St. Mary's college student with me. Late nights would find Greg plucking his guitar and vocal chords whilst picking people's brains about their spiritual conditions. This guy has a incomparable passion and a unique musical gift. He offers both of these in submission to his savior as a sacrifice of worship.

Daniel Coulbourne is the eldest son of Craig and Ree, missionaries to Japan, currently residing in Liberty's missions house. Ever since arriving back in the U.S. Daniel has been using his musical giftedness to help God's people come and worship him. Daniel's artistic ingenue is matched only by his prophetic passion to challenge laccadaisacal Christianity.

This event isn't officially sponsored by the youth ministry but I thought it was worthy of note. The time and content of this event would be more for high school age youth and adults.