Tuesday, December 1, 2009

X-Factor: Christmas Party

White Elephant Gift Exchange

December 6th 2006 7-8:30pm Liberty Church PCA Block House (Bring a wrapped gift.)

Last year Ben walked away with this lovely heart-shaped crystal case. You could be a big winner too at this years Gift exchange. Just grab something that's laying around your house that you don't want anymore (or it could be something that you would want) wrap it up like a present and bring it to the X-Factor Christmas Party. I'm warning you our gift exchange can get a little crazy. There's no limit on how many times something can be "stolen" but there is a time limit... 30 seconds. So if you want that lovely heart-shaped crystal case... ask Ben to bring it back so that you can steal it.
We'll also be singing Christmas Carols and snacking on whatever yummy things you bring.