Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30 hour famine: starving to feed the hungry

The event: Meet at the block house at 8pm on Friday night, February 27th. We'll play TRIBE games like last year to build hunger awareness. Then we'll have free time to play games and then go to sleep. In the morning we'll wake up and have devotions, play a game, and then make lunches to take down into Baltimore to feed the hungry. We'll carpool into Baltimore to drop off sandwiches at two locations. Then we'll come back to church to play a couple more games and then make our own dinner which we'll eat at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall. You can be picked up anytime after 6pm.

What to bring: Your donation packet, your own donation (if you have one,) a sleeping bag and pillow, any games you want to play.

Doing the Famine: We will start fasting at 12 noon on Friday and go 30 hours until 6pm on Saturday. This means only drinking water. If you need to do a modified fast for health reasons you can modify it accordingly. But be prepared to pack your own food and eat it in private so that we'll be less tempted to steal all your food away. =)

Getting Donations: You can still get donations by taking your famine packet and tellling neighbors that every day 26,000 children die of preventable causes like hunger that we're fighting to prevent. Make checks payable to World Vision. And people can donate online after you set up your participant page at www.30hourfamine.org/participants Your group account number is 83504100.