Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gospel Journey starts tomorrow!

Hey middle schoolers and high schoolers don't miss this! We're starting a new video series where a jew, a mormon, a muslim, a new ager, a buddhist, and a seventh day adventist go on a trip to Maui and have lots of spiritual conversations with evangelist Greg Steir. It's an engaging show and we'll actually be using it to train ourselves how to share the gospel in these situations.
7-8:30pm this sunday at the block house. Of course we'll have games, and worship and hanging out. Parents are always welcome to come join us. Oh and bring your bible if you've got one.

Also, Wyld life leaders, we're not going to have Wyld life leadership this weekend. The plan is to try for right after church on Superbowl Sunday. Feb 6 1pm at the Hathaway home.

Also parents, this is a heads up that we will be having a joint youth and parents informational meeting on February 6th during sunday school.