Tuesday, March 15, 2011

X-Factor, Serve The City, 30 hour famine

No Wyld Life leaders meeting this Sunday March 20th. It will be postponed until April 3rd.

We'll be having X-Factor this sunday night, March 20th, from 7-9pm at the block house. We'll try to be done the Gospel Journey video by 8:30pm but our discussions have been going over until 9pm. This week we're discussing "Religion or a Relationship," and how do we know what we know.

Serve the City. March 26th. We'll be meeting at 8am at the Roosevelt Park Recreation Center in Baltimore. If you need a ride down there give Nick a call, otherwise we hope you come with your parents, this is a great opportunity for youth and parents to advance the kingdom. We will plan on working at Samaritan Women Project. Last year we were done around 5:30 pm at Roosevelt Park Recreation Center. RSVP to Nick at 410-655-5466.

30 Hour Famine. Remember to get sponsors to feed the hungry. We'll be meeting at 8pm on April 1st here at the church for a sleepover and then heading down into the city to the Christian Community Center to do all of our hunger awareness activities with the youth from the city. We will return to church at 5pm, work on getting dinner ready by 6pm. We'll break our fast at 6pm and be done by 6:30pm, clean up til 7pm. RSVP to Nick at 410-655-5466