Friday, November 4, 2011

Remember November

Nov. 5th: Workday this Saturday at 9:15am (men's breakfast at 8:30am)
Nov. 6th: Wyld Life leadership 4-6pm at the block house at church.
Nov. 6th: F.I.S.H. from 7-9pm at the Kitchens' 3821 Buffalo road New Windsor, MD 21776
Nov. 8th: Please register for the Parents conference at
Nov. 11h: 7-9pm Wyld Life at LCS gym
Nov. 12th: 9am -3pm Parent Conference at Covenant of Grace Church
Nov. 13th: Get your roller derby racer ready for X-Factor 7-8:30pm.
Nov. 26th: Clean up at Hank Cote's house (stay tuned for time.)
Nov. 27th: X-Factor World Cup Soccer 7-8:30pm