Monday, April 16, 2012

30 hour Famine and Chattanooga Dinner

Those who are doing 30 hour famine: Remember to contact friends, family, and church members to get donations to raise money to feed the hungry. I've had several church members tell me they're just waiting to be approached about supporting fasters. Please contact folks to ask for donations. If you still need a donation sheet come by the church office.
Begin your fast from food (or modified fast for those with health issues) at 12 noon on Friday. Because of lack of volunteers we will not be holding a sleepover on Friday night. Instead, arrive at the church at 8am on Saturday so that we can travel down to Grace EP in Davidsonville to listen to Covenant Seminary Professor Jerram Barrs talk about "Who is my neighbor?" We will return to church at 1 pm. Then we will do activities at the church until 6pm. Parents, come at 6pm with an entree or salad to share. We will break our fast from 6pm to 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. (Also, if you'd like you can bring a small donation to Grace EP for letting us attend their conference.)
You can attend all or part of the 30 hour famine activities but please let me know through email so that I can plan accordingly.

Cuatro de Mayo! Mark your calendars for the Chattanooga Fundraising Dinner here at the church on May 4th. We'll be serving Mexican style dishes and raising money for our Mission Trip. Meal to start at 6pm.