Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Airsoft Action Oct 27 8-11:30 AM

It's that time again. Time to shoot friends and get shot for fun. We'll be playing several rounds of Airsoft on the church's grounds on October 27th from 8-11:30 AM.  Meet at the block house at 8 AM.  We'll finish by 11 AM and finish cleaning up by 11:30 AM.  Guys and Girls of any age are invited to play. Bring your own gun and ammo (we have some extra.) Bring your own eye protection and cold weather gear. 

Gentlemen (only), you are invited to spend the night on October 26th and help clean up after the Fall Harvest Festival. If you're not helping during the Festival, you may come at 8pm Oct 26th to help clean up.  We'll be sleeping in the Old Sanctuary. Airsoft paraphenalia stays in the block house.