Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Summer Youth Intern

So you need a job this summer. You love ministry and are just waiting for a church to figure that out and pay you for it. Well, that's where Liberty Church PCA comes in. You've got the gifts we've got the opportunity. You'd be working with a recent seminary graduate, Nick Hathaway who is a youth pastor at Liberty Church, PCA. Liberty is a kind and generous country church seated on a picturesque property abutting the pristinely wooded Liberty Reservoir. We are just a half an hour away from Baltimore and an hour away from D.C. Come check out our website to find out more http://www.libertychurchpca.org/, or friend me on facebook.
You'd be working with youth from 26 families trying to live out an intentionally biblical youth ministry. You'd be charged with figuring out how your particular gift mix and personality can bless and grow God's people in this particular context. You would be given training in 9 different areas. Please pick up a job description and application from the office. Look, we'll pay you well, and give you flexibility to use your gifts in this context. What more could you ask for? Travel, vacation, and expense account? Okay sure. Call Nick at 410-655-5466 or email me at mailto:thehathawayhome@gmail.com