Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guys Overnight

Middle and High School guys: assemble at 1600 (8pm) at 11301 Liberty rd. Owings Mills MD on December 28th. Bring your sleeping bag, eye protection, airsoft gun, and ammo.

We will commence with hand to hand combat training immediately upon arrival in the gym. We will be using boxing gloves and boffing weapons.

This will be followed by a debriefing on how the gospel applies to soldiers.

Next you may choose between honing your combat prowess in a black ops tournament in the block house or honing your battle strategy with a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

At 0100 soldiers will report to their bunks.

At 0800 the next morning we will conduct several airsoft operations in the woods surrounding the compound. If you are a non-combatant you may play board games in the block building.

Pick up is at 1100 hours in the morning.

RSVP to Nick by December 27th 443-286-5886.

Bring a friend, we do have some extra airsoft equipment.