Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rake Leaves! Wyld Life Leadership! Christmas Party!

Leaf Raking: We are blessed... To be a blessing. So let's be a blessing to some of the single women in our church by raking their leaves. Come to the church at 8am and bring your rake. We'll tackle about 4 lawns: Ann Doggett, Pauline Rudy, Cathy Scheuch, and Mary Lou Reed. We should finish up around noon or faster depending on our skill and speed. =)

Wyld Life Leadership: Meet at 4pm at the block house to plan for our Wyld Life on Dec. 10th. Skit ladies, bring your ideas. Music guys, bring your ideas (and guitars.) Game genies, bring your ideas. Casey and Sarah bring your artistic license for a flier. We'll also hopefully be getting some leadership training.

X-Factor Christmas Party: 7pm at NICK's HOUSE! Bring a wrapped gift, good or bad, new or used for our gift exchange. You're also welcome to stay to watch the Ravens game, kick-off at 8:20.