Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Calendar


3rd 7-9pm Wyld Life

5th 6:30pm FISH at the Cote’s

10-12th Wyld Life leadership weekend in Hunt Valley

19th Please RSVP about Spring Charge!!!

19th 7-8:30pm X-Factor: Basketball

26th: $25 deposit Spring Charge

26th 7-8:30 X-Factor: Zombies!!!


2-4th Spring Charge $50 total

9th 7-9pm Wyld Life

11th 7-8:30pm X-Factor: Volleyball

18th 7-9pm FISH

24th 8am-5pm Serve the City

25th 7-8:30pm X-Factor: Dodgeball


1st 7-9pm FISH

9th 8-11:30am Paintball $TBD

15th 7-8:30 X-Factor: Floor Hockey

20th 12 pm 30 hour famine

21st 6pm Break Fast

29th 7-8:30pm X-Factor: Softball


6th 7-8:30pm X-Factor: Soccer

11th 7-9pm Wyld Life

20th 1pm Baccalaureate

20th 7-8:30pm X-Factor: Dam Walk

27th 6pm FISH cookout

June 25-29th Vacation Bible School

July 21-28th Mission Trip to Chattanooga