Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Charge: RSVP this weekend

Games, music, skits, great food, and engaging talks await you at the scenic Charter Hall, a happy cluster of buildings nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and Furnace Bay

Leave your electronics behind and enjoy the fun and fellowship of Liberty’s annual Spring Charge. We call it a charge because we’re not retreating, from our problems, but charging up on biblical truth that will equip us to charge forth into life with new spirit.

Who: 6th-12 graders. Bring a friend, neighbor, a relative. They won’t regret coming with you.

What: Bring warm clothes, toiletries, sleeping bag and pillow, Bible, pen and notepad. And $5.

When: $50 and registration is due to Nick on February 26th. Hurry, spaces are limited. Meet at the church, 11301 Liberty rd Owings Mills MD at 5pm, Friday March 2nd and return at 4pm Sunday March 4th.

Where: We will be going to stay at Charter Hall 499 Charter Hall road Perryville, MD 21903. for more info. visit

Holy Ghost!!!

I’ve heard about Jesus and I think I know who God the Father is but who, or what, is the Holy Spirit?

Is the Holy Spirit that important? What does the Holy Spirit do?

Is the Holy Spirit like a ghost or more like the Force in Star Wars?

Is the Holy Spirit less of an ‘it’ and more of a ‘he?’

Are fruits of the Spirit real or just made up? Should I see them?

Are spiritual gifts real or are they just glorified personality traits?

What does it mean to be filled/ sealed with the Holy Spirit?

We’ll be answering these questions and more as we spend a weekend looking at the Holy Spirit, studying pneumatology.Name of sponsoring organization:

Liberty Church PCA


11301 Liberty rd Owings Mills, MD 21117

Telephone: 410-655-5466

Name of sponsor’s coordinator:

Nick Hathaway

Description of activity:

Spring Charge youth trip

Date(s) & location of activity:

Mar.2-4 at Charter Hall

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Jared Havener: was a youth intern with Liberty Church PCA in the summer of 2009. He did a magnificent job of connecting with youth, engaging with them through sports and activities, and teaching them on a weekly basis in small groups and through talks. Jared’s talks on world religions could have sufficed for college lectures they were so full of content. And yet his demeanor and style communicate even to middle school students in such a way that they can grow in their understanding and be challenged.

Jared lives outside of Pittsburgh and is currently working and going to graduate school at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He recently married his great friend Kelsey who is beginning a career in occupational therapy

Jared loves soccer and played for Lancaster Bible College. He was a passionate fps gamer. Currently his hobbies are spending time with his wife, hanging out with the youth group, and reading the heaviest theology he can get his hands on.