Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Upcoming Events

March 11th X-Factor: Volleyball will be happening this Sunday night from 7-8:30pm. This event is for middle and high schoolers to grow in their understanding of theology and have some fun while doing it. Friends are always welcome, snacks are always appreciated, and parents are always welcome to stay. We'll be continuing to discuss Pnuematology or the study of the Holy Spirit. We'll be presenting the argument for why the Spirit is God.

March 18th FISH: Fellowship in Student's Homes. 7-9pm This is a time for high school students to become equipped to share their faith. Please bring your journal, a pen, your bible, and a snack or dessert to share. The Mitchell's have kindly agreed to host:

March 24th Serve the City: We'll begin at the church at 8am and head down to the city to gather with other volunteers before heading out to our site to serve Baltimore. We'll rendezvous in the city for an early catered dinner and be back at the church by 5:30pm. Suggested donation is $20 to offset the costs of t-shirts, lining up work, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bring gloves and work shoes.

March 25th X-Factor: Dodgeball. 7-8:30 for 6-12th graders. Bring your crew, your pads, and some dodge ball attitude. We'll be continuing our study of the Holy Spirit as we talk about gifts.

March 25th $50 Mission Trip deposit due. Because Fairmont ran out of room as did my second choice, we'll be heading back to Chattanooga with great delight. Paul and the crew are looking forward to working with us again. This trip is not only a great chance to get away and do urban ministry but its also a great chance to work on deepening your understanding of the gospel of reconciliation. We'll also throw in a free college visit to the denomination's premiere learning institution, Covenant College. The total cost of the trip is $400 but please don't let money be an issue because we'll do some fundraising. Parents, friends, and older folk from church are welcome to come too. Please let me know as soon as possible if you're interested in going. Fill out this packet within a month.
We'll be going the same week as we'd planned before July 21-28.

Courageous! We need some courageous babysitters to help watch kids during the church's showing of courageous. If you're interested in helping with kids, please contact Nick.

Coming Soon:
April 9th Paintball against Covenant of Grace for the Calvin Cup. First 12 guys to sign up get half off the cost. So, first 12 people only pay $17 instead of $35 so sign up soon. We'll be playing in Taneytown. Everybody is welcome.
30 hour famine donation packets available now. We'll be actually fasting on April 20th. On the 21st we'll have an awesome opportunity to hear teaching from Professor Jerram Barrs. Please make this a priority in your schedule even if you can't actually fast or you don't actually raise money. Plan on being there. Parents, I'll need help transporting folks on Saturday to the conference in Anne Arundel County.