Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Youth Leadership

This is a reminder that we are starting our new series of Leadership training starting at 5pm this Sunday in the block house. Since every mature Christian influences others and since a Christian leader must at least be a mature Christian we will devote our time together, every other week, to studying a classic work on what it's like to be a mature Christian. That book "The Christian's Daily Walk" can be found online for free here:

If you're wondering why we're reading such an old book (besides the fact that it's free) you can read this wonderful little article on why we should read old books. They help us to see our cultural bias.

C.S. Lewis article "On the Reading of Old Books"

I have bread, peanut butter, jam, and baby carrots to offer you for dinner (there's also usually some left over provender in the kitchen.) If you'd like anything else for dinner please feel free to bring it yourself.

In addition to talking about Christian Maturity we will be brainstorming some ideas for youth group.