Thursday, April 11, 2013

30 hour famine

Hey fellow famine fighters,
We're fasting to feed the hungry beginning at 12 noon on friday April 12th. You'll have to begin the fast on your own but, come 8pm, we can fast together. Bring your sleeping bag and cardboard box of your choice and we'll sleep like the homeless hungry, outside on the front lawn. (If it rains we'll move inside to the block house and the church.)
We'll begin with a time of worship and bible study on Friday night. Then we'll break for free time and games.
We'll go to sleep and the next morning it gets tricky:
Those 14 and under and anyone wishing to join Nick and the leaders will be going to Baltimore's Christian Community Center to play the TRIBE game of hunger awareness with the inner-city kids. We'll leave at 9:30 am and return by 1:00 pm.
Those who already signed up to go with Mr. Geof and the battalion to Our Daily Bread will be leaving the church to there to serve food to the homeless. That means several of you over-14-year-olds have a decision to make which project you'll be going to. Please email me ASAP to let me know.
Next we'll return to the church to continue fasting, learning about hunger, getting sponsors, playing some more hunger games, and taking a nap. Then we'll work on making dinner for our breakfast at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall. Parents if you'd like to donate or make food for this break-fast please let Kelly Bohmer or Sarah Kraus know, they are coordinating that part of it.
We'll be all done eating in 15 minutes. I told you it was going to be a break-FAST. And then we'll clean up quickly and hopefully be out of there by 6:30pm.

Even if you haven't gotten any sponsors yet, please come and fast with us, we'll raise the money together for the hungry on Saturday.